Truth Warriors

Alex Jones’ wife tells a 100% different story than he told after the trial for the custody of their kids. Alex told everybody he got exactly what he wanted which was joint custody. He said he had been pushing for this for years! That’s an absolute lie according to his ex wife and her lawyer who said HE has tied them up in court for years! All lies come from satan. Many shocking revelations here. I don’t care about the divorce one bit but I do care about is WINNING this fight so I must now expose Alex for not using his 20 million man army and winning the fight with one billion flyers! Thousands of patriots have told him my idea and one got on the air and Alex hung up on him! I challenge all Alex Jones fans to send him my youtube video, “Alex Fire Everything” which would WIN the fight and Make Alex Jones at least $50 million! Alex NOT taking off the gloves and going door to door with patriots as in 1776 with his 20 million man army proves Alex Jones deserves to be on the Illuminati Card – Agent in place! He’s there as controlled opposition as Jim Fetzer has stated and is a “limited hangout”. This is why he fired two radio show hosts who interviewed Stew Webb and promoted Ted Gunderson who tried to kill and imprison Stew Webb. Gunderson put patriot Dave Hinkson in prison for life!
I’m still offering $1,000 to any patriot who gets Alex Jones to disobey his Jewish masters, come to the good side of the Force and WIN the fight with Operation Endgame for one year! So far all patriots have been ignored by Alex and he’s hung up on one who got on the air! Here was my challenge! I dare ALL Alex Jones fanboys to prove me wrong – Jones will run from ALL of you if you have the guts to try! So don’t call me the BAD Man. Get off our ass and ask Alex why he’s running! If you’re under his mind control you won’t!

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